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  • Apache COMPACT: Automatic culler and facing

    plus mail sorting: on a small footprint

  • Save time by automatically

    culling and facing of letters

    CDR-Apache-Compact compador
  • each BIN Modul contains 24 trays

    with info-displays on each tray


All in One: Culler, facer & sorting machine

Put your small letters into the machine as they come. Let the Apache Compact do the culling and facing as well as the sorting into the BINs. You can have 24 or up to 120 BINs. This saves you a lot of labour time.

Great machinery on a small footprint

Despite combining amazing functionality, the Apache COMPACT needs only as much room as a large wardrobe. Your valuable space in your sorting center can be optimised. 

Modular and extendable system

Due to its modular concept your Apache COMPACT can grow with your business: Start with a small set up and expand later. You can have from 24 to 120 trays.


Apache COMPACT reaches its greatest performance together with Compador's ERP-System Teamento MailNet. As also the software is fully developed by Compador, we offer the option to connect the the machine to other systems as: CodX, easypost, promail, SAP, CNDB, P2, Postcon, CITIPOST or others.   

New Compador Mail-Sorter:





Culling and facing of letters and mail sorting in up to 120 trays.



Capturing: up to 10.000 letters per hour
Fine sorting: up to 30.000 letters per hour


  • Postcards
  • Letters: Small and flats (up to 235 x 125 mm)
  • Items' thickness: max. 10 mm
  • Items' weight: max. 50 g


6 sequencing trays
6 output trays
1 reject-tray


2 camera-systems



Scalable balance


Text (order of route), 1D-, 2D- Barcodes, Logo; consolidation no. etc. 


21" Monitor (touchscreen)


Thickness gauge via laser
Metal detector

Interfaces (optional):

SAP, various ERP-Systems (CodX, easypost etc.), Datomino.  Contact us for individual demands of interface and letter sizes.

Size of Machine:

Length: 2,40 m
Width: 0,60 m
Height: 2,03 m

Footprint: approx. 1,44 m²