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    sorting small & large letters and small parcels

    CDR-Apache-Semi-Automation compador
  • Sorting of items directly into boxes

    on two levels

  • Optional

    1 to 3 Labeler - even RFID Labeling is possible

    CDR-Apache-Semi-Automation compador
  • Items' thickness up to 10 cm

    Items' weight up to 2500 g

    CDR-Apache-Semi-Automation compador

A sorter for large letters and small packages

Simpel - and most efficient

A sorting machine for nearly all types of shipments. Not only postcards and small letters and small parcels but also catalogues - the Apache SEMI-AUTOMATION is made for the demanding conditions of a sorting centre.

Manually fed by two persons, the Apache SEMI-AUTOMATION achieves an operational capacity of up to 7.200 items per hour.

Suitable for small sorting centres

Also smaller sorting centres with a volume of 10.000 to 15.000 items per day can achieve great cost savings by using the Apache SEMI-AUTOMATION. therefore it is a very lucrative option for medium sized and growing mail companies.

Convenient for large sorting centres

In addition, bigger mail sorting centres can benefit from implementing this mixed-mail sorting machine when using it as a substitute for manuel item logging. On average 50% of labour costs can be reduced.
Modular design
Apache SEMI-AUTOMATION has a modular construction, this allows customization to your needs and growing with your business.


Apache COMPACT reaches its greatest performance together with Compador's ERP-System Teamento MailNet. As the software is also developed by Compador, we offer the option to connect the machine to other systems such as: CodX, easypost, promail, SAP, CNDB, P2, Postcon, CITIPOST or others.

New Compador Mail-Sorter:



Key specifications


Capturing, weighing, labeling and sorting of letters, flats, small packages and small parcels.



Capturing up to 7.200 items per hour
Final sorting: up to 7.200 items per hour


Mail Sequencing of

  • Postcards
  • Letters: Small and flats
  • Parcels
  • Packages (up to 400 x 300 mm)
  • Items' thickness: max. 100 mm
  • Items' weight: max. 2500 g

Modular Construction:

Module size: ca. 57 x 59 x 150 cm
No. of modules: From min. 8 onwards (maximum: "unlimited")
per BIN module: 4 compartments
(can hold large boxes up to 54cm x 47cm x 28,5 cm) with 4 wireless displays and LEDs showing full postboxes)


Min 1 BIN module/4 compartments

Quantity expandable to your needs. (e.g. 30 BIN modules hold 120 compartments)
2 reject compartments

Labeler (optional):

1 to 3 Labeler or RFID-Labeler


1 camera-system


Scalable balance


Text (order of route), 1D-, 2D- Barcodes, Logo; consolidation no. etc. 


21" Monitor (touchscreen)


Thickness gauge via laser
Metal detector

Interfaces (optional):

SAP, various ERP-Systems (CodX, easypost etc.), Datomino.  Contact us for individual demands of required interface.

Size of Machine:

Length: from 4,58 m (e.g. 21,68 m with 120 compartments)
Width: 0,60 m
Height: 1,50 m

Footprint: from approx. 2,8 m² (e.g. 13 m² with 120 compartments)