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  • Apache LITTLE

    Sorting fed directly by franking machine

    Apache-Little compador
  • up to 30.000 letters per hour

    sorted in 20 trays

    Apache-Little compador

From franking machine directly into mail sorter on a very small footprint.


Great time saver on smallest footprint 

Our smallest sorting machine is built to fit even into the tiniest postal service units and smallest mail rooms. It needs just as much space as a filing cabinet.

Perfect connection to your franking machine

The Apache LITTLE is directly connected to your franking machine. After franking or post-marking, the letters can be sorted immediately into its 20 trays.

Modular design

The Apache LITTLE consists of two modules. This allows fast and cost saving transportation and installation of the machine.

Elaborate features

A calibratable balance, thickness gauge and a fast printer: Even the "Little-One" has all necessary equipment on board.


Apache LITTLE reaches its greatest performance together with Compador's ERP-System Teamento MailNet. As the software is also developed by Compador, we offer the option to connect the machine to other systems such as: CodX, easypost, promail, SAP, CNDB, P2, Postcon, CITIPOST or other common mail-handling-software.



New Compador Mail-Sorter:





Sorting of letters are fed directly from the franking machine (or stamping machine) into sorting machine.


Capturing: up to 15.000 letters per hour (depends on the pace of the franking machine)
Fine sorting: up to 30.000 letters per hour


Mail Sequencing of

  • Postcards
  • Letters: Small and flats (up to 235 x 125 mm)
  • Items' thickness: max. 10 mm
  • Items' weight: max. 50 g


20 trays
1 reject-tray


1 camera-system



Balance (calibratable)


Text (order of route), 1D-, 2D- Barcodes, Logo; consolidation no. etc. 


21" Monitor (touchscreen)


Thickness gauge via laser
Metal detector

Interfaces (optional):

SAP, various ERP-Systems (CodX, easypost etc.), Datomino and all common postal systems.
Contact us for individual demands of interface and letter sizes.

Size of Machine:

Length: 2,40 m
Width: 0,60 m
Height: 2,03 m

Footprint: approx. 1,44 m² (without franking machine)