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  • Apache ONE

    High Speed Mixed-Mail-Sorter with double feeder

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  • up to 54.000 letters per hour

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  • Precise:

    including calibratable balance

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  • Four Levels

    24 trays per BIN-Modul

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State of the art sorting technology

Guarantees best quality in mail sorting

The Apache ONE is an innovative fusion of mixed-and high-speed mail sorting system for maximum production efficiency in mail processing. It has been based on years of experience sorting its own mail services specifically designed for denationalized mail services and consistently focused on the efficiency of all processes.

 Parallel processes with two inputs and two consignment tracks running

 In addition to the outstanding quality and its excellent technical components - the unique feature of the Apache ONE is that it actually combines two sorting systems in itself. It is equipped with two mail inputs, two running tracks, features two OCR reading units, two printing units and two types of compartment. No other machine offers so much technology in so little space. The customer benefit: Due to the dual construction parallel processes becomes possible. During the capture of mixed mail on the first running track simultaneously there is detecting unmixed mail or the fine sorting on the second running track.  Customer's benefit: The dual-construction design of the Apache ONE allows parallel processing. Whilst running track one is running the capture of mixed mail, the second running track is working on fine screening of unmixed mail already. And during fine sorting the letters are sorted out/run final sorting continuously.

Fully equipped 

Until now, the business processes of the mail production are processed primarily in succession: first capture, then fine screening, eventually final sorting in bags and containers. More efficient handling of existing solutions was impossible.  The Apache ONE is streamlining production significantly due to the simultanous processes, therefore processing times are significantly shorter. This reduces the personnel deployment and reduces the costs of sorting.

 The Apache ONE also has three labelers (optional), a calibratable balance and a high-resolution printing system. All mail products can be fed mixed. The Apache ONE handles the entire spectrum of the mail: postcard, letters of all sizes and foil wrapped items as well as open magazines and catalogues. The Apache ONE allows any mail sorting centre the highest degree of automation in mail processing.

The use of the Apache ONE letter guarantees quality leadership of service and lowest 'Total Cost of Production'.



Key specifications


Industrial level of automation due to mixed mail processing, double-feeder and two tracks running.

High Speed


up to 14.000 items Feeder 1
up to 40.000 items Feeder 2
up to 54.000 items with dual running


Mixed-Mail-Feeder for

  • Postcards
  • Letters: Small and flats, Foil wrapped items
  • Catalogues
  • Magazines

in alternating order


Labeler for foil wrapped items


Scalable Balance


Printer with automatic print area detection, dynamic stamp change, changable printin area and self cleaning print-head

Download Brochure Mail Sorter Apache ONE (english)