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  • Apache SEQUENCE

    Compact sequencing mail sorter

  • Two cameras

    for better mail sorting

    Apache-Sequence compador
  • Innovative


    Apache-Sequence compador

Minimise sorting costs by sequencing

Newly developed sequencing compartments allow sequencing the letters in the order of route of a district with e.g. 300 standard sized letters in 5 minutes.  Save up to 150.000 € per year at a daily sorting amount of 20.000 letters for your own district (est. minimum wage of 8,50 €  per hour). 

Easy to integrate in your workflow

Apache SEQUENCE works is a great add-on to your existing mail-sorting equipement. Just import the data captured with your sorting machine into Apache SEQUENCE. Thereon the Apache SEQUENCE will sequence the letters in the final order of route of each postman and prints an ascending order-number onto it. 

Realise great savings with final path sequencing as well as when sequencing in blocks!



Key specifications


Real order of route sequencing with print of ascending number. Group sequencing.



up to 30.000 letters per hour


Mail Sequencing of

  • Postcards
  • Letters: Small and flats (up to 235 x 125 mm)
  • Items' thickness: max. 10 mm
  • Items' weight: max. 50 g


6 sequencing trays
6 output trays
1 reject-tray


2 camera-systems



Scalable balance


Text (order of route), 1D-, 2D- Barcodes, Logo; consolidation no. etc. 


21" Monitor (touchscreen)


Thickness gauge via laser
Metal detector

Interfaces (optional):

SAP, various ERP-Systems (CodX, easypost etc.), Datomino.  Contact us for individual demands of interface and letter sizes.

Size of Machine:

Length: 2,40 m
Width: 0,60 m
Height: 2,03 m

Footprint: approx. 1,44 m²